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Each one of us has a little voice inside of us, a little voice which knows us so well and which tries to guide us to achieve our dreams and goals. We believe that each individual is a being of unlimited potential. Each has the right and the inner resources to change their journey in any way they wish. It is our role to facilitate this as quickly and with as much joy as possible.

What We Do

As hypnotherapists, we facilitate the process of guiding your conscious mind to a state of deep relaxation – in this relaxed state, your sub-conscious mind is able to visualise and create new behavioural patterns. It might come as a surprise to realise that you put the ‘therapy’ in hypnotherapy – and you do all this in a state of blissful relaxation!


Help your team to be the best it can be with corporate hypnotherapy coaching and workshops to improve performance.


We combine the use of words and suggestions upon the unconscious mind of someone who wants help. Thoughts and words affect our entire body.


By improving the communication between mind and body, we can bring about remarkable changes in our health and physical well-being.


This expression of hypnotherapy takes you on a journey into your ultra depth, into a deeper level of the non-physical self; your higher-self.


“Experienced hypnotherapy for the first time from one of the practitioners. It was so powerful, felt like I am floating on air. The deepest of relaxations ever felt, you have so much control, instead of feeling powerless I felt powerful.”

Amina Msusa

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