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If you have specific goal in mind, such as quitting smoking or dealing with unresolved inner conflict or you might be looking for a way to access the knowledge and inner wisdom you have always sensed is locked inside yourself, and might be considering hypnotherapy, we can help. Whatever your motivation, the level of success depends on your desire to have a positive experience and your belief that you can achieve your goal.

Some of the more common reasons for visiting a hypnotherapist include quitting smoking or any addictive habit or behaviour, weight loss, nail biting, increased performance in endurance sport, increasing healthy eating and exercise habits, pain management, stress relief, phobias, anger issues, increasing self-confidence, anxiety and panic attacks, procrastination and improving performance at work.

Curious about the spiritual application

Many clients are also curious about the spiritual application of hypnotherapy, such as communicating with their spirit guides, identifying their spirit animals, identifying soul contracts between themselves and others, and finding out what their true life purpose is.

Here, hypnosis is applied in a helpful and healing manner. We use a combination of words and suggestions upon the unconscious mind. Thoughts and words affect our entire body. Therefore, positivity can promote well being and give control over one’s self and mental attitude. This makes Hypnotherapy a very powerful aid to wellness. It can be used to help with addictions, relaxing the mind, to stop smoking, weight loss / weight reduction, enhance self-esteem, overcome public speaking nerves, improve confidence, as well as de-stressing. Moreover, it can address problems such as anxiety, phobias / fears, trauma and PTSD.

Panic attacks


Overcome fears

Stress relief


Sales performance



Exam stress



Emotional / physical abuse



By improving the communication between mind and body, we can bring about remarkable changes in our health and physical well-being. Pain relief, illnesses, headaches and migraines, can all be helped. Sports Performance can be greatly improved. Additionally, hypnotherapy can also used as an alternative method of anesthesia for those allergic to anesthetics or needles.

Quitting smoking or other addictive behaviours

Increasing exercise

Eating healthy

Weight loss

Nail biting

Irritable bowel syndrome



Back pain

Increased performance in endurance sport

Joint pain


Increased energy levels

This expression of hypnotherapy takes you on a journey into your ultra depth, into a deeper level of the non-physical self; your higher-self. It encompasses the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves (mind, body and soul).

The purpose of spiritual hypnotherapy is to receive higher guidance, direction on your true path, deep energy healing, and clearing of all that you do not need on all levels of your being. We simply help you reach a higher state of clarity and openness where you can perceive knowing from higher levels of your own consciousness. Spiritual Hypnotherapy can heal on a multi-dimensional level, creating awareness for your meaningful existence in this universe. It is just as important as Clinical Hypnotherapy. For your external world to be healthy, we must first start with our inner world to make the necessary changes for our body, mind and spirit to grow, learn and to evolve.

Communication with Higher Beings

Discovering your life purpose

Discovering your karmic debt

Identifying your spirit guide or spirit animal

Past Lives

Life between Lives

Identifying soul contracts

As hypnotherapists, we facilitate the process of guiding your conscious mind to a state of deep relaxation – in this relaxed state, your sub-conscious mind is able to visualise and create new behavioural patterns. It might come as a surprise to realise that you put the ‘therapy’ in hypnotherapy – and you do all this in a state of blissful relaxation!

During a hypnotherapy session, it is important to mention that you are fully aware of what is happening around you. A hypnotherapist cannot make you do anything that opposes your moral and ethical code. A hypnotherapist can also not force you to disclose your deepest secrets – the sub-conscious mind is at all times, even during the deepest state of hypnotic trance, able to refuse to answer a question it does not feel comfortable answering. In fact, it is quite common for a large portion of a hypnotherapy session to take place in silence, where the client’s sub-conscious mind does not feel the need to verbalise the wisdom and insights it wishes to communicate to the client, and simply chooses to let the client absorb the information in silence. Only after the client emerges from the hypnotic state is the experience then shared with the hypnotherapist, and only to the extent that the client chooses to share his or her experience.

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